About Us

Ryan from clicheskateboards.com
Ryan – the one with the idea

We are a group of three friends that have loved skateboarding since Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3. The one who came up with the idea and created the site is Ryan (yeah that’s me on the photo). Jack and Brian are not actively working on the website, but they are helping to test products and write honest reviews.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help fellow skateboard, longboard, and penny board lovers like us choose the best products and avoid stumbling upon fake or low-quality parts.

Why have we started?

Skateboards, longboards, and pennyboards are all really fun, but still dangerous sports. If you’ve been riding for a couple of years, you are probably familiar with the struggle of working on a trick for a month and then getting an injury.

Even though failures and injuries are just parts of the learning curve, we want to help our readers minimize the chance of getting injured because of faulty bearings, tires, decks, or any other parts of a skateboard.

Our Core Values

We are conscious of the fact that our reviews may influence your buying decision, that’s why we are thoroughly reviewing each and every product we feature in an article, in order to make sure that you get the best ones.

  • Honest reviews and opinions​
  • Actually order and test all of the products​
  • Before recommending a product, we ask ourselves “Would I buy it for myself?”​