Top 38 Best Skateboard Brands

Top 38 Best Skateboard Brands

Looking for the best skateboard is like searching for the perfect pair of shoes. It is quite a task to find a good skateboard brand, since there are a lot of decent brands with products worth considering. However, do not stress out searching for the best skateboard brand, help is on the way. You will find here a list of 38 best skateboarding brands you should know about. Even though the fact that decks are the most important product in skating life is undoubtedly correct, you may know that without other attributes you will not be able to perform well. That is the main reason we included other important products such as shoes, trucks, or wheels. Curious? Check out the details.

1. Toy Machine

Toy Machine has been established in 1993 by Ed Templeton. At the start, Ed Templeton, the founder of the firm, could not find an appropriate name for his company but, eventually, with some help received from his colleagues, he manages to find the best option” Toy Machine”. The products of this company are well known for their awesome shape and pop, thanks to the exclusively allocated team that works hard to deliver the best skating experience.

This brand is represented by a graphic logo of a red-horned devil monster. The emblem has its popularity in the skating community. Skaters know that Toy Machine means excellent quality and the best possible materials. For extra strength, the company uses an oval-shaped Aramid fiber. The structure also provides a pop that has a spring-loaded effect which is very much appreciated by riders who use their brand.

2. Antihero

Antihero was founded by Julien Stranger and the idea of assembling a company that would want their costumers to just receive the fun they deserve stems from the collaboration with Jim Thiebaud. By 1996, the two started to climb the skateboarding industry and, nowadays, Antihero is one of the most important brands on market. The combination of experience and new ideas has had its success, they managed to thrive astonishingly.

The strength of Antihero is the deck construction and the quality of the graphics. Each skateboard is made of high-quality wood that gives a distinct feeling when riders step on it. Despite the future purpose of the board, be it professional or amateur, the quality does not change a bit. The concave angle of their boards provides a lot of room for control, making them comfortable to use. Antihero boards are well noted for durable materials, tons of pop, solid feel underfoot, and a low amount of torsional flex.

The designs they have presented can attract a variety of people, from children to adults. Browsing through their catalog is never boring.

3. Baker

Baker was founded in 2001 by a pro-skater named Andrew Reynolds. The company values the concept of skating and having fun with friends, that is why the brand is so popular in over a hundred countries. Baker does also have a YouTube channel with a significant number of followers and fans.

Baker is loved for making quality boards that are very comfortable to use. Flip tricks, hill flips, and other tricks can easily be done when you are using one of their skates. It is made of durable Canadian maple wood which will not disappoint you under no circumstances. The

4. Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz skateboards have been around since the 80s. This brand is noted by the community for being a great skateboard for beginners. It is perfectly equilibrated and does not have neither hard nor soft wheels. This makes the learner achieve support and balance, something a beginner needs to feel and receive confidence from.

Santa Cruz skateboards run smoothly even if irregularities such as pebbles or other rough terrains are encountered. It also has bushings that enable the rider to easily turn, hop or curb obstacles. The choice of shapes provided by this brand is significantly wider in comparison to other brands. The traditions are strictly respected by the company since designs that date back in 80s are still available on their site. Of course, it is not only limited to image design, the shape, dimensions, and concave are all preserved. This brand is truly a good value for money and a worthy investment for skaters everywhere.

5. Almost

The brand Almost, established in 2003 by two popular skaters Rod Mullen and Daewoo Song, is already popular all around the world with a fanbase that counts millions of fans. Both had experience in working with skateboard brands that might have increased the success rate of their collaboration. This brand is under the top skateboard distributor Dwindle Distribution. In terms of reputation, Almost is referred to as a high-end brand, thanks to the solid reputation of Mullen and the team he is working with.

This brand does not disappoint its patrons. Almost all decks are also popular since decks have a great shape, outstanding durability, and awesome pop. It is a very popular choice of young skaters and why not? This product is crafted by the man who paved the way for the development of numerous skateboarding tricks. It cannot be helped if the feeling of confidence when stepping on this board is great. So great you would want to try out the flat ground ollie, kickflip, heelflip, 360-flip, or impossible.

6. Birdhouse

The brand Birdhouse is the brainchild of professional skateboarders Tony Hawk and Per Welinder in 1992. During this time vert skating which was Tony’s expertise was becoming less popular due to the rise of street skating. This is why he agreed to take on the venture with Per. Birdhouse as Tony’s brand is also featured in his video game series. In the game, it is also the name of a team to which a player can join.

Birdhouse produces a lot of merchandise like decks, wheels, accessories, and clothing. The prime product is skateboard decks, which are known for their fun styles. Most of the art graphics are in cartoon form whose images vary from people, objects, and animals. Their products are mostly made of 7 ply maple wood, this is a very stable material for skateboards. The company also sells completed skateboards, meaning the customer receives the product assembled. Birdhouse is known for giving works like a deck, bearings, hardware, grip tape, trucks, and wheels.

Birdhouse caters to all types of skaters be it beginner or professional. The skateboards they make are fit for cruising or doing tricks. Having an item from them on hand will truly give you a great skateboarding experience.

7. Creature

For fans of eerie products, the brand Creature will surely resonate with you. This company is a subsidiary of Santa Cruz and gives high importance to pool ripping and vert skating. The boards being made by this company can have a deck as wide as 9 inches. This is to ensure to meet the demands of pool skateboarding and the required support of big riders.

The images on Creature decks are various horror figures such as snakes, skeletons, dragons, and other mythical creatures. The color motif is usually green to keep up with the eerie vibe it is targeting. Other favorite hues in their works are purple and black. They also have tie-dye grip tape to give the overall look of the deck flashier. And in the same time, it adds security that no slipping will occur.

The brand Creature is noted for their skateboard bushing. It is known to give extra support to the skateboard truck so the execution of turns will have more control. They also have products to use so the rider can take care of the railings and curbs like the skateboard wax.

8. Krooked

The brand Krooked Skateboarding was founded by Mark Gonzales.It means to transform the unimaginable into something tangible. This company uses decks as a canvas for artworks which is a refreshing idea in the industry. They sell a variety of skateboard decks, zip zingers, accessories, cruisers, skateboard wheels, and soft goods.

Krooked Skateboards has a line called “Guest Boards” that features different professional skaters who also ride other names besides Krooked Skateboards. This gives fans a chance to have their hands on a product that their favorite pro rode even if they are fully linked with the brand.

9. Sector 9

Sector 9, a subsidiary of Bravo Sports, is known for its awesome longboards that are adored all over the world. Established in 1993, the cofounders of this company are Steve Lake, Dave Klimkiewicz, Dennis Telfer, and Tal O’Farrell. Their skateboards are praised for giving an excellent experience with low-riding, pushing, dancing, and downhill tasks.

Users praise Sector 9 skateboards stability, thanks to the appropriate size of the deck and wheelbase. The quality of their wheel is as praised as their trucks, which are responsive even at fast speeds.

Aside from their wood decks that are noted for durability and value for money, this company also has a line dedicated to Bamboo skateboard decks. This is one of the company’s initiatives for a more sustainable type of material. Hopefully, in the future, it can be developed more so there will be more environment-friendly options.

10. Zero

The brand Zero was established in 1996 by pro skater Jamie Thomas in Carlsbad California. His brand is proudly distributed by Black Box. This company makes complete skateboards inclusive of a deck, wheels, trucks, and bearings. If a customer wants something specific, customization is also welcomed by this manufacturer.

Zero aims to make a brand that represents the underdogs and rebels of skateboarding. It aims to showcase the beauty of no-nonsense skateboarding. Their line of longboards and skateboards is suitable for all levels of skaters. The reliable stability of it is good for grinding rails and learning different types of tricks. Aside from complete skateboards, they also sell accessories and clothing.

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11. Girl

Girl is a skate brand that materialized in 1993 through the efforts of four skateboarding enthusiasts. The people behind the company are Megan Baltimore, Rick Howard, Spike Jonze, and Mike Carroll. This brand is easily recognized thanks to its girl’s bathroom-style logo. The products made by this company are considered one of the most creative in California. Their huge roster of graphic designs is a testament to that. Their patrons are very much attracted to the styles they manage to come up with.

Of course, their decks are manufactured with great care. It is made of 7 layers of high-quality maple wood, has great style, structure, and consistency. They offer skateboards that the customer can customize or received as pre-assembled. When an item is ordered as a pre-assembled or complete skateboard, it already comes with wheels, trucks, and bearings. This company also has an attractive line of clothing that is dedicated to the skateboarding lifestyle. Some of the favorites in their apparel are T-shirts, hoodies, beanies, and shorts.

12. Darkstar

Darkstar was founded in 1997 by Chet Thomas, the foundation of the brand was initially built on making wheels. Then as time progressed and their work became more recognized, the company extended into making skateboard decks. From this bold move, the company was able to be developed into a powerhouse skateboarding brand.

Darkstar has collaborated with many artists to finalize their limited release of pro-series products. The images on these decks include Felix the Cat, Joe King, and Luke Pelletier. The brand also opened its doors to a bigger audience as they released a product line of complete skateboards which are sold in Walmart. This business move was heavily criticized even if the intention was to provide good quality boards at an affordable price. However, despite the hurdle, Darkstar managed to reach out to their target market who are budget conscious and young but have a passion for skateboarding.

13 Blind

Blind is the first company built by Mark Gonzales before the brand Krooked took off. He founded this company in 1988 and during this period the distribution of their products was under World Industries. But after a few years in 1993, Mark Gonzales decided to leave the company, the remaining members then continued the legacy of Blind. As of the date this brand still has one of the best ranges of decks and skateboard completes in the market. They are noted for their tongue-in-cheek and bold designs that never fail to capture the eyes of many.

Blind has had a strong following of hardcore skaters through the years. In the field of skate video, this brand was one of the first to conduct this idea. Their pilot video then was directed by Spike Jonze. This brand also sells accessories that are skateboarding staples like grip tape and wheels. Blind also has attractive and comfortable clothing apparel available.

14. Alien Workshop

Fans of the paranormal will surely love the designs Alien Workshop has to offer. This company was founded by Mike Hill, Chris Carter, and Neil Blender in 1990. Alien Workshop faced a lot of difficulties from various ownership changes to temporary stopping operations, things did not go that easily. But despite the adversity, this brand has managed to make a mark in the skateboarding community.

This humble company’s base is in Dayton, Ohio where they conduct the designing, shipping, and other operational-related procedures. Alien Workshop makes skateboard decks and fully assembled ones too. Their other offerings are items like patches, apparel, pins, candles, and stickers that pay homage to the paranormal.

15. Primitive

Primitive is a skateboard and clothing brand that was established in 2008 through the collaboration of Andy Netkin and Jubal Jones with the partnership of Paul Rodriguez. It was in 2014 when the brand finally introduced its first line of skateboards. Throwing in a lot of hard work, the Primitive no has a vast roster of products that are dedicated to skateboarding. Their products include skateboard decks, fully assembled boards, grip tape, and wheels. The design of Primitive is also memorable since it pays tribute to a lot of popular culture characters from successful shows like the Japanese animation hits Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon. The fun adult animation series Rick & Morty was also included in their catalog.

16. Jart

Jart is a skateboard brand of Spanish heritage that has a heart for the environment. This company only purchases maple wood that was taken from a controlled forest in the United States. The purchased lumber will be taken to Europe to be made into one of the high-quality decks Jart provides.

Jart is adored and used by skaters from all levels. The strong point of this company is their skateboards have a stable inner core, great speed, and are very durable. The designs they carry vary from different types of comics like Tin Tin, inanimate objects like anchors, and a lot of abstract art. Jart completely assembled skateboards are a dream to have but if you are the creative type and want to customize that will not be a problem. This brand carries also a bunch of stuff like decks, wheels, bearings, and grip tape that can help the customization of the board. Patrons can also request if they want their deck and wheels matched.

17. Plan B

Plan B was founded by Mike Ternasky in 1991, however, he met his untimely demise in 1994. But his vision for the company transcended and after a long break in 2005 Plan B was revived under the leadership of Danny Way and Colin McKay. Thanks to their efforts the distinctive logo of Plan B was once again sighted in the skating community. Plan B offers complete skateboards with the works like the inclusion of deck, wheels, trucks, and bearings. This brand is easily recognized because it has a colorful and creative motif.

18. Globe

Globe was established in 1994 by three pro riders who are at the same time are siblings. Matt, Steven, and Peter Hill managed to put up this strong Australian brand that not only caters to skateboarding but to other sports as well. The roster of products also includes items for surfing and snowboarding. Their skateboard line is composed of longboards, cruisers, and complete standard skateboards. The assembled pieces from Globe are noted for having attractive decks, sturdy trucks, smooth wheels, and strong bushings. Globe also has a clothing line together with shoe options that grace their concept stores in numerous locations like Melbourne, Sydney, and Los Angeles. Globally, this brand has a presence in 100 different countries courtesy of selected retailers.

19. DGK

Steve Williams founded Dirty Ghetto Kids now known as DGK in 2012 out of spontaneity. Together with Troy Morgan of The Kayo Corp, the brand was distributed to the market. The deck art of DGK is a collaboration of many creative minds like Virgil Abloh, Pete Thompson, Ryan Gee, and Ron English. The result is an elaborate and attractive centerpiece of the skateboarding world. This brand offers assembled ready for use skateboards and also customization options. The company also manufactures hoodies, pants, t-shirts, knits, and shorts which reflect the attitude and culture of the skateboarding community.

20. Zoo york

Zoo york had its humble beginnings in a warehouse located in Lower Manhattan. Rodney Smith, Eli Morgan Gesner, and Adam Schatz had the aim to represent the skate and street culture when this brand was established. The team initially sold decks and T-shirts which in time earned popularity and a loyal following. This resulted in the business expanding and now they produce decks, wheels, and bearings for customized boards. Along with is clothing apparel and accessories that are popular worldwide.

21. Habitat

Established in 1999 by Chris Carter, Mike Hill, and Neil Blender, Habitat is considered a sister company of Alien Workshop and Reflex Bearings. The distribution of this product is under Tum Yeto distribution company. This brand is known for its environmentally friendly materials such as bamboo, hemp, cork, and water-based glue to make its skateboards. The deck is kept together through the use of Skylite Construction that results in a sturdy board but is very lightweight.

Habitat manufactures complete skateboards, decks, wheels, trucks, bearings, and grip tape for those who opt to customize their stuff. They also have a clothing line for all genders and ages.

22. Powell Peralta

Powell Peralta is a veteran in the skateboarding industry. This brand was founded by George Powell and Stacy Peralta in 1978. Their prowess in the craft can be experienced through their lightweight boards that are very tough. Powell Peralta’s star item is called the Flight Deck it is equipped with a top-secret fiber-reinforced epoxy-infused glue, it is hailed as one of the best in the market.

Powell Peralta aside from decks also has customizing items like wheels and grip tape. But if the customer wants a hassle-free experience, they also have complete boards that can satisfy anyone’s fancy. Over the years this brand has sponsored numerous greats in the field. They also have a great selection of clothing like a t-shirt, hoodie, jacket, cap, or beanie that are comfortable to use while skateboarding.

23. enjoi

The brand enjoi was created in 2000 by Johnson and Rodney Mullen. The skateboards they make are known for good quality, high functionality, lightheartedness, and flippant styles that feature their iconic panda logo. This brand has a wide range of decks and complete boards in its product line. This brand also has a clothing line that includes belts, shirts, hats, and hoodies.

24. Chocolate

Chocolate is a brand created in 1994 by Rick Howard and Mike Carroll which is based in Torrance, California. This company is also associated with the brand Girl. Chocolate has a distinguishable color scheme and a well-known logo. The decks they produce are of premium quality that are made of 7 ply maple wood that can last for years.

Chocolate decks are adorned with graphics of classic cars and fun cartoon versions of their team. The wheels on their boards are praised for running smoothly and with good control. It is due to its high-quality thread. It is also paired with bearings that give it fast speed. They also provide complete assembled boards that will give the user the ride of a lifetime.

25. Welcome

Welcome was established in 2010 by Jason Celaya also known as the Minister of Magic, with the aim of creating skateboards with impact and art direction. This brand has over 40 different shapes available that were all thought of thoroughly. The art detail on each deck is also outstanding and mesmerizing. The fruity wood stains effect also adds to the appeal. The deck usually contains magical scenes, song lyrics, and quotes from famous shows.

The most popular variety of this brand is the Nibiru, it is also available as completely assembled with wheels, trucks, hardware, and grip tape. Surely owning a Welcome skateboard gives a strong sense of individuality and creativity.

26. Vans

Vans is a reputable maker of skateboarding shoes and clothing. The brand was established in 1966 by Paul Van Doren. Together with his brother James and another business partner Gordon C. Lee they began selling the shoes to the public. But it was not until Mark Van Doren the son of James showed interest in skateboarding that the company started making skateboarding shoes.

In 1976 the company adapted the slang “Off The Wall”. This is inspired by the motto of skateboarders during that time. Vans encountered a hurdle and even filed for bankruptcy. However, the brand was saved and got a makeover in the company’s vision and ethics. From there on Vans was able to rebuild itself into the formidable brand it is today.

27. Etnies

Etnies is the brainchild of Pierre André Sénizergues after concluding his professional skating career. It was founded in 1986 and the main base is in Lake Forest, California. Etnies aimed to make good quality skateboarding shoes. Their products are comfortable to use, very durable, and have a great design. The price of the product might appear costly, for the level of performance it gives, everything is evened out.
28. DC Shoes
DC Shoes was established in 1993 by Ken Block and Damon Way. One of their famous products is skate shoes that have supported numerous successful professionals in the field of skateboarding and snowboarding.
This athletic shoe line is designed, evaluated, and inspired by the top teams that represent DC Shoes. Each pair is made to ensure that the user will feel comfortable while wearing durable shoes. For the adoring public, the brand aims to make its products cost-friendly so fans can have access to the same type of attire their favorite wears.

29. Nike SB

The global company Nike decided to join the skating community in 1997. However, their entrance was not easy since the market was already saturated. However in 2000 Nike still pushed with its goal and introduced the brand Nike SB where they released a padded tongue and collar design that utilizes “Zoom Air” insoles. To increase influence Nike SB got Paul Rodriguez and Lewis Marnel to represent the brand. From then on Nike SB continued to challenge the field and managed to gain recognition as a skating brand.

30. New Balance

New Balance is another shoe manufacturer giant that has had deep roots since 1906. To pay homage to skateboarders this brand has established New Balance Numeric to support the sport in 2013. Their products are being distributed by Black Box Distribution and they also have a team that they sponsor in the field. Their creations are praised by riders as highly reliable, comfortable, and of top-notch quality.

31. Bone Wheels

Bone Wheels was established by George Powell in 1977 since then the skateboarding community has embraced the brand on their boards. Bone Wheels are made especially for street skating where things like riding smoothly, high rebound, and efficient slides are well noted. Aside from performance, these wheels are built to last thanks to their innovative ideas in developing urethane technology. Bone Wheels have different wheel types based on the consumer’s needs, they offer Street Tech Formula, Skate Park Formula, and All-Terrain Formula. This company has managed to improve skateboard wheels numerous times and they seem not to be done yet. The world can look forward from more innovations from Bone Wheels.

32. Spitfire

Spitfire is a skateboard wheel company established in 1987 by Jim Thiebaud. The main products of this brand are bearings, skateboard tools, grip tape, soft goods, stickers, and other accessories. The wheels they make are respected and hailed as premium quality. Their most well-known item is the Formula Four and Classic skateboard wheels. These wheels are made for speed without having to worry about flatspots after continuous use. You can be assured to experience a smooth ride whenever Spitfire is on your board. No terrain is too tough with these durable wheels in tow. This brand also has a clothing line that includes T-shirts, beanies, and other accessories.

33. Mini Logo

Mini Logo was introduced in the market in 1996 by the distributor Skate One. This brand aims to provide high-quality components for skateboarding at a reasonable price. Each deck of Mini Logo is handmade in California where they use the finest 7 ply Maple wood as a material. The trucks to be attached to it are light, the bearings are sturdy and the wheels roll nicely. They also have bushings, grip tape, and other tools at hand to make your customization experience an affair to remember. Feel accomplished in building your skateboard with Mini Logo and ride it with pride wherever you go.

34. Bronson Bearings

Bronson Bearings was founded in 2013 with the vision to create strong bearings that can run at top speed smoothly. They have several bearings available to fit the user’s skateboarding need. There is the Bronson RAW which is designed not to shields. But even without it, these bearings have a tungsten coating that stops dust and dirt from sticking to them. Thanks to that the bearings will be crud-free and less maintenance will be needed. These durable bearings are not squeaky and help the skater maintain their momentum.

Another product in their line is the Deep Groove Raceways. These are ceramic bearings that are also dirt and moisture resistant compared to steel. The ceramic is made of Hot Isostatic Pressure Sintered (HIPS) Silicon Nitride. This material is very light, smooth, and is infused with additives to make it resistant to corrosion, moisture, oxidation, and rust. These bearings will surely last for a long time too. Whatever you pick from Bronson Bearings is great value for your money because of the high quality they offer.

35. Independent Truck Co.

Independent Truck Company was established in 1978 whose headquarters is in Santa Cruz, California. This brand is owned by NHS incorporated and has a huge roster of riders under their sponsorship. The company is a reliable maker of durable trucks. Models like the Stage 11 Hollows and the Titanium trucks are some of the favorites in this brand. Their trucks are labeled as good for street and transitions skateboarding.

Independent Truck Company offers different heights of trucks. They have standard, mid-profile, and low-profile variants. This is made to match the type of wheel diameter the skater will be choosing. The user can either follow the general rule, higher trucks for bigger wheels, or use riser pads to fill the gaps between the axle and the deck.

Independent Truck Company is noted for its high performance and durability. The trucks are made of Grade 8 high tensile chrome alloy steel axles and kingpins that are combined with heat-treat aluminum. It will surely support any type of skateboarding challenge and leave the rider satisfied with its performance.

36. Thunder

The brand Thunder was conceived in 1986 and true to its name the trucks this company makes are quick when it comes to response time. It is usually praised for being designed as fast, reliable, stable, and durable in the skateboarding community. Riders highly appreciate the grinding and responsiveness performance of these trucks. It gives them a better sense of feeling in control and confident.

37. Venture Trucks

Venture Trucks is another company that produces skateboarding trucks that are stable and very durable. This brand was established in the 1980s and until now has continued to be successful in the business. The trucks they make are said to be stiffer than other competitors and have a relatively higher lifespan. This advantage is said to be related to the stock bushings this brand has. Venture Trucks is well-loved in the industry and as proof has a big line of professional teams being sponsored in the skateboarding field.

The temptation to do other things related to skateboarding is high. However, Venture Trucks unlike other brands have a strong dedication in developing great quality trucks. The company believes that the truck is the most important part of the skateboard. Therefore more attention to its development must be made. That is why the company focused on creating ways to make skateboard trucks better and better as time progress.

Venture Trucks used premium metals and cutting-edge manufacturing methods to make sure the trucks they make never fall short on performance. The finished products are very strong and lightweight which is most suitable for the sport. Tricks can be done with confidence by any type of skater as long as Venture Trucks is on your board.

38. Flip

Flip was established in the United Kingdom by Jeremy Fox and professional skateboarder Geoff Rowley in 1991. However, the boom and high demand for skateboarding in California urge the company to move its operations to the United States of America. To conquer the big market in their new location, the brand focused on making high-quality decks that will earn the loyalty of their patrons. The boards they make use fiber reinforcement to achieve greater durability compared to other competitors.

Flip is also known for its imaginative, fun, and creative deck designs that are very appealing to the eyes. But if the customer prefers a complete skateboard Flip also has that on hand. The assembled options already come with everything from the trucks, wheels, and bearings fitting well altogether to give the rider the best experience possible. They also have a clothing line that offers a small but great collection of T-shirts to choose from. The apparel is comfortable and suitable for skateboarding any day.

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