Top 30 Best Skateboard Decks in 2022

Top 30 Best Skateboard Decks in 2022

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Powell Golden Dragon Knight 2 Mini

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Santa Cruz Skate Land Shark Rasta Cruzer

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WhiteFang Check Complete Skateboard

Skateboarding has evolved from favorite outdoor activity to an Olympic sport. It has become a popular regardless of age and gender in many countries around the world. As the enthusiasm for this venture continues to rise, the deck of the skateboard has become an expression of individuality for each rider. But how can one find the best skateboard decks? How can your personality or passions be reflected on the skateboard deck you will choose?

Worry no further, this article has listed 30 of the coolest skateboard desk you can consider using. Go through the following suggestions and see which suits you best.

Top 30 Skateboard Deck Picks

Alien Workshop Spectrum Mini

This multicolor skateboard deck is made of durable Canadian maple. This 33-inch length deck is sturdy and supports the rider who will cruise the streets with ease. The design is also suitable for adventurous people who are curious with the paranormal.


  • Durable material
  • 30-day product exchange guarantee


  • Wood veneer colors may vary

Powell Golden Dragon Knight 2 Mini Complete Skateboard

This 28-inch beauty comes with a majestic design mythical dragon image. It is a good choice for beginners or small-sized skaters. The price is also within the practical range that can also entice most budget-conscious riders. The design of the board is very fierce and gives a strong vibe of power.


  • Suitable for all skater levels
  • Comes with an instruction DVD


  • Shipping condition needs improvement

Sakar Tony Hawk Shark Mouth Graphic Longboard

This cool longboard deck is made of 9-Ply Maple that is equipped with a mild concave profile. This piece is made for efficient turns, riding control, and performing tricks. True to its design, this item gives a lot of power vibe. Getting on this beauty would make you feel like a professional that can just do any type of trick on the book.


  • Great for skateboard tricks
  • Higher layers of deck wood


  • Actual graphic on the bottom only

Santa Cruz Skate Land Shark Rasta Cruzer

This flat deck piece is sturdy and equipped with a kick-tail. It is made of seven-ply wood that gives it a lot of strength. This contraption also has a useful addition. At the bottom of the board, there is a can opener ready for use anytime. This lovely piece will accompany you wherever your skating cruise takes you. Enjoy your day riding this awesome cruiser.


  • Youthful design
  • Small and lightweight


  • Unconventional shape

Magneto SUV Skateboards

This board is suitable for any type of user be it kids, teens, or adults as it can handle a maximum weight capacity of 275lbs. It is made of 7-ply Canadian Maple and comes with a complimentary skate tool. Fire up your passion for skating with this one of a kind board.


  • Wider deck size
  • High weight capacity


  • Expensive

Geelife Pro Complete Stardust Skateboard

This Maple wood deck of 7 layers can withstand a weight of up to 440lbs. The deck structure is made with cutting-edge technology which makes it very durable. There is no challenge to great to face with this very reliabale deck. Be it terrain or weather, just bring it on.


  • Adapts to cold weather
  • High hardness and toughness


  • Delivery is slow

Beleev Skateboard Double Kick Concave Cruiser

This fashionable design is painted meticulously and is coated with waterproof emery. The concave deck featuring a double kick structure gives more control. Balancing, comfortable rider position and easier handling of the breaks are just some of the advantages of this skateboard. You will never have to worry of slipping while riding this deck. Your balance and sturdiness is guaranteed.


  • Variety of colors available
  • Affordable


  • When installing trucks requires more effort to tighten

Kivaguru Wishkey Skateboard

This cruiser is made of solid and durable 7 layers of maple wood. The art also inscribed on this board is impeccable. It displays how fierce a skater’s attitude can be. Ride this with pride and watch the amazement of co-skaters and spectators alike.


  • Double kick for easier trick execution
  • High weight capacity


  • Only comes in one color

Disuppo Skybrush Skateboard

A highly resilient board that will surely deliver a pleasant experience. The top deck is with a matte finish that has great anti-slip properties, a powerful grip, and is very durable. You can be sure to be in safe hands when riding is picturesque board.


  • Has cool graphic on top of the deck
  • Price is affordable


  • Difficulty experienced when screws on the board are tightened.

Element Section Complete Skateboard

This highly distinguishable design on the bottom board will surely gather attention. It is available in four different sizes to match the needs of the user. This sturdy contraption will give you a ride of a lifetime. The maker of this board has been around for quite awhile. That is why the quality from this veteran maker will not disappoint.


  • Very attractive design
  • Fit for all levels of skaters


  • Expensive

Sefulim Skull Motorcycle Skateboard

This complete skateboard package is heavy-duty. It is made to meet the demands of extreme sports and the tough outdoors. Its heat transfer prints will not fade and keep this piece attractive for long periods. Pump up your energy and give it all you got as you ride and perform with this one of a kind deck.


  • High anti-press strength
  • Comes with an adjustment tool


  • Design may look plain to some

METROROLLER Cubism Complete Skateboard

This modern design board is fitting for people who are starting with skating. Made of sturdy layers of maple wood, this ride can endure any type of stress. The concave and double kick structure also makes braking easier for the user’s safety. You will never have to worry about having uncontrollable speed. This deck will make sure you can regulate it anytime.


  • Comes with a storage bag and tools
  • High load capacity


  • Minor issues of tools not being shipped with the board

WhiteFang Check Complete Skateboard

A cool black and white checkered board that is made of high-quality materials. It can take the impact force the sport delivers. The top deck also has stylish writing printed on it. This strong board will surely accompany you in many skating adventures to come.


  • Affordable
  • Deck density is compact


  • Does not include tools

DIYUSI THMEX Pro Start Complete Skateboard

This skateboard is a great match for all ages who have a passion to skate. The deck is made of high-quality maple wood. The minimalistic design gives it an avant-garde charm. Not only is this nice to look at it is also secure and once assembled very easy to operate.


  • Emery non-slip and waterproof
  • Stable and free to operate


  • Comes only in one color variant

AOTOB Streak Skateboard

This board has a double warped design that can make performing tricks easier. It also has a non-slip top deck that is waterproof. The design of the board is dominated by the color blue, which makes it easier on the eyes. This piece is suitable for all levels of skaters and can support a wide range of physical sizes, thanks to its versatile load capacity.


  • High max weight capacity
  • 3Suitable for all levels of skaters


  • Tools that came with the board has efficiency problems

Metroroller Stars and Stripes

Release your patriotic side with these stars and stripes deck. This board comes with an anti-skid grip tape and is made of fine Canadian maple wood. This is truly a reliable and sturdy item. Ride the streets with extreme pride and feel like hero parading the road.


  • Comes with grip tape
  • Waterproof top deck


  • No skate tool included


Want to be creative and have the freedom to design your board? Look no further, this deck comes in the natural color of maple wood. The bottom part is yours to decorate. Feel free to unleash your imagination on whatever design comes into your mind. The possibilties are boundless in terms of creatvity.


  • Comes with 2 deck guards
  • Includes grip tape


  • Painting the bottom part could be a challenge

Scientoy Graffiti in Black and White

Using the thermal transfer painting technology this lovely and simple design will capture the attention of many. This deck is also made up of 9 layers of maple wood making it stronger than other variants. Compared to other variants this piece gives an extra sense of durability like no other.


  • Comes with waterproof and non-slip grip tape
  • Solid deck density


  • Installing bolts and trucks needs improvement

Bamboo Skateboard Geometricity

This bamboo deck is hybrid with maple to achieve high quality. It is also environmentally friendly since bamboos can be grown and replaced faster than trees. The geometric inspired print is also a good statement for math and science lovers. That is why ride away and feature the things you are passionate about. Its great to be athletic and academically inclined.


  • Environmental Friendly
  • Available in three sizes


  • No grip tape included

Kizsbro Flag Design Skateboard

Show your love for the flag with this motif deck design. The layers of the board are applied with a cold press technology to ensure high quality. Ride this deck and always feel the spirit of patriotism like it is the always the fourth of July.


  • Affordable
  • Offers lifetime guarantee


  • Delivery schedule need improvement

Trouble Skateboard

This company has been making quality boards since 1996. Their variants come in different sizes to fit the needs of riders. It is made of 7 layers of solid maple wood. Quality and experience, this is what this variant offfers, you will not be disappointed in trying their product.


  • Offers a money-back guarantee
  • Long-lasting and durable


  • No grip tape included

Baker Brand Logo Black and White

This charming minimalistic design shows the pride of the brand. It has a wide and short tail to make quick pops. The moderate concave shape it possesses gives flip strength while doing tricks. Go and do numerous tricks to your hearts content. This board will surely endure all the challenges you want to explore.


  • Sturdy and Reliable
  • Great for tricks


  • Only 1 size is available

Losenka Maple Skateboard Deck

This double tail light-colored deck is made of 7 layers of maple wood. The board is elastic, flexible, and has high shock absorption. No need to worry about running on surfaces with tough terrain. You will not go wrong in placing your confidence in this awesome piece of craftsmandhip.


  • Grip tape included
  • Affordable


  • Difficult to clean

Moose Blank Skateboard Deck

This variant takes customization to another level. Besides the natural shade, the user can opt for other colors in either dipped or stained coating. It also has a variety of sizes to choose from. Feel free to be creative and experimental with these variants. Express your individualistic side with the deck you chose.


  • High-density Maple wood
  • Modern concave shape


  • No grip tape included

CCS Blank and Graphic Skateboard Deck

Made of high-grade maple wood this selection of boards is easy on the eyes. Using the classic shape the featured mint-themed board is soothing to look at. It also has a wide range of sizes to choose from to fit the user. Refresh your eyes with light tinge or choose a variety that will appeal to your taste.


  • Available in different stain colors
  • Appealing designs


  • There are minor issues with paint peeling off

Blind Whitey Reaper Skateboard Deck

Looking for an eerie but wholesome design? The comical graphics of Blind features the grim reaper in a loveable way. This 7 layer maple wood contraption can support any type of skater. It is not a matter of beginner or pro, all that matters is to have lots fun.


  • Good weight capacity
  • Concave shape


  • Expensive

Enjoi Nestor Judkins Skateboard

A fan of contemporary art and skateboarding? Then this type of board is for you. The illustration interpretation is up to the beholder but this 7 ply maple wood deck will surely not fall on performance. Test this one of a kind deck and see for yourself the quality it possess.


  • Durable
  • Unique style


  • No grip tape and a bit pricey

LEPSK8 Bamboo Veneers Skateboard

This innovative skateboard deck is made of Bamboo and fiberglass to achieve the same strength as wood. The simple and elegant design will surely capture a lot of attention. Support the means towards a sustainable society, make a statement with this piece today.


  • Environmental friendly
  • Balanced flexibility and toughness


  • Limited to 2 types of size only

Jucker Hawaii Original Longboard

This interesting contraption is a combination of bamboo, maple, and fiberglass. The overall effect gives a vibe of a unique nature-inspired style. It is a good statement for those promoting sustainable development Support this brand for its innovative idea, it will not disappoint and meet your expectations.


  • Silent when running
  • Great craftsmanship with a stable build


  • Length is long balancing for short people could be difficult

Metrowalker Twinklestar Skateboard

This stunning style will help you shine as you ride. The graphics are painted through heat transfer technology and will not fade easily. This flashy board will surely capture lots of attention, so do your best in doing your stuff and be a real star.


  • Eye-catching appearance
  • The top and bottom graphics are the same


  • The cover bag that came with the board is not durable.

How To Choose a Skateboard Deck

The deck is the core part of the skateboard as it will carry the rider. It will also assist in all the tasks that are required to be done. To find the most suitable for you, there are a lot of factors to be considered. The important things to take note of are:

  • Length
  • Width
  • Wheel Base
  • Nose & Tail
  • Mounting Holes
  • Rails
  • Ply
  • Choosing The Style

Each item shall be explained briefly so you can understand it better. The parts mentioned will be fundamental in judging which type is appropriate per user. Though skateboarding is something everyone can enjoy, not all skills are immediately equal. That is why it is good to go through things slowly in order to get the best experience possible.
Remember, in every sport their is risk of injury and we don’t want major blunders to happen. So please pay close attention to these details.


The length of a skateboard must be proportional to the height of the skater. Since balancing is highly dependent on the length of the board. For beginners and experienced the range of 28 inches to 32 inches is enough. In the case of the professional level, some prefer longer boards. It is not an issue since their balance skills are good. Also the weight of the board will also depend on their length. That is why in choosing aside from the proper footing, make sure you have enough strength to carry and control your board.

Shortboards and longboards have different types of purposes. The structure of the shortboard is quite narrow and suitable for riders who love to perform stunts and tricks. Make sure to wear the appropriate safety gear when performing this. This type of variant is a good option for street riders or individuals who like to cruise around parks and other small areas.

Longboards on the other hand have wide profiles. It is suitable to use in challenging activities like skateboard racing or serve as transportation for long distances within your town. Of course, you need to have a lot of stamina to perform this task. This type of board is a favorite of daredevils who find a strong adrenalin rush in performing downhill racing. But before engaging in these activities, make sure you are already a professional. Until that time comes always prioritize your safety and do things the correct way.

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Another important characteristic of the deck is the width size. The boards in the market generally range from 7.5 inches to 8.75 inches. Many would recommend wider boards since it is said to have better performance. However, it is still up to the rider’s style and technique to pull it off.

There are some pointers though based on the task you prefer to do. In challenging ramp tricks, the skater is advised to have a wider deck for better control. A wider board can give your feet the room as you stabilize your center of gravity. Skateboarding is always about finding your balance based on feet placement. Finding the proper stance will boost up your confidence to ride your board.

In the case of other tricks like kickflips, a move that is popular among street riders the narrower ones are more preferred. Narrow boards are more responsive, this is because in narrow boards there is less distance from the side of the board from the rider’s center of gravity. This generates angular momentum that makes it easier to flip the board.


Observing your board there are two drilled sets of mounting holes intended for the installation of trucks. The wheelbase is the distance between the pairs nearer to the center of the board. The common measurements of the wheelbase are from 13 inches to 15 inches, the popular value though falls on the average of 14 inches.

The consideration for the wheelbase specification is based on the height of the rider. This is also to find the proper center of gravity based on the physical condition of the skater. Often the height of the user is directly proportional to the size of the needed wheelbase. That is why for short people a narrow wheelbase is recommended, while for tall people the wider one is a better option.

The wheelbase supports the stance of the rider. Therefore it is an important consideration to efficiently skate down the road, cruise the streets, perform simple tricks or awesome stunts. A wide wheelbase can also offer greater stability and offer a high turning radius. The proper size of the wheelbase is like fitting into a shoe that matches your feet. It gives a sense of comfort and security to the rider because of the sense of balance that they feel.

Usually, there are two sets of holes, but there are variants that feature one only or some models have multiple holes to secure the truck. Regardless of the appearance, the measurement method is the same.

Nose & Tail

The nose and tail are parts of the
Skateboard deck. The nose is the tip on the front and the tail is the one on the back. It is quite hard to tell that is why manufacturers give hints on which is which. This is done by placing the design of the graphics. If the printed image is horizontal, the nose is on the left. If the graphic design is vertical the nose is at the top.

If you want to be more precise you can measure the two kick ends. The one with a larger size is the nose and the opposite is the tail. Some makers differ the angle between the nose and tail.

The nose is also called a “catch” since it plays the role of catching the rider’s foot. This is noticeable when performing an Ollie, the bigger size will be more suitable to catch the foot. The tail is smaller it is positioned closer to the ground. One of its main functions is to produce a better pop and create a faster response. If by chance you interchange the nose and tail, your movement while riding will be more difficult.

In most cases, the nose and tail will be receiving the most impact and could easily be worn out. Proper care must be done to the nose and tail. There are guards available in the market to cover these parts and protect them.

Mounting Holes

To attach the trucks securely on the deck, they have to be fitted on the mounting holes. The number of holes can vary from one set to multiple ones. Either way, these are strategic positions to secure the stability of your board.

The size of the holes ranges from 3/16 inches to 13/64 inches of a drill bit. When placing your truck on the mounting holes make sure to countersink it also at the top of the board. This is to ensure that the bolt heads are flushed with the board.


Check out the edges of the deck along the length direction. This part of the board is called the rails. The shape it takes form in is often rounded. Some variants have blunt edges and sharp rails. These are important to keep your shoes from sliding and stay in place inside the board.

Currently, there is a newly developed rail design called the “Gas Pedal Rails” or GPs. In this set-up, some areas of the rail have a beveled cut edge which decreases its sharpness. This type of rail is ideal when performing activities like sliding. But if flip tricks are your priority then the conventional rounded edges are a better option.


The skateboard deck is made of multiple layers of wood, this is called the ply. The popular option at the moment is maple wood, but bamboo variants are also being introduced in the market. In terms of maple wood, the usual ply layer offered by makers is 7. There are some models now that offer as many as 9 ply layers.

Why do skateboards need to make the deck in layers? Would it not be easier to just have one piece of solid wood? It is a matter of strength, thin sheets put together like an in a formation of a ply are more durable and tough. The secret is the cross-grain pattern that is used when manufacturing it.

Remember, the weight of the board is proportional to the number of plies applied. Make sure to consider that also when choosing your board. Since the mass of the deck can also affect how you find and balance your center of gravity.

Choosing the Style

When talking about skateboard deck style it is not just about the graphics. Though it is the representation of your character and personality, the technical details are just as important. The important parts of the deck had already been discussed, what is left next is to consider the appropriate shape of the board for you. Technically there are four popular deck board shapes available in the market. These types are shortboard, cruiser, old school, and longboard.


This type of deck is ideal for users who want to focus on performing tricks. Given also your location and surroundings, this item is ideal for skateboarding on streets, parks, and other short distances. Also if you are not that tall and a beginner, this is ideal for you so you can find your center of gravity faster.


This board is made for riders who love cruising. In skateboarding, cruising means the user rides for a very long period nonstop. This is great for people who like to contemplate and look around their surroundings. This type of board is structured to have a wide wheelbase and deck. This build assists the skater to travel longer, faster and enables the user to have better control.

How can you identify if a skateboard is a cruiser? The cruiser type features kicktails, often the length is medium range, easy to maneuver, and versatile to use.

Old School

Fan of the classic skateboard shape? Then this is for you. The Old School style features an asymmetrical shape of the flat nose and kicktails. In this structure, the nose is wider that is efficient in conquering ramps, skating pools or just carving the streets.


This type of deck is a favorite of professional skaters. These lengthy contraptions are designed to have a symmetrical designed nose and tail with a low-to-ground profile. The longboard is suited for downhill racing and long-distance riding. This version also offers a lot of stability and versatility in movement.

Choosing the Suitable Skateboard Concave

When browsing through the selections of skateboard decks the word concave appears often. Concave in the language of skaters technically means the way the board curves upward on the edges, tail, and nose. The curve it builds gives the user more control and balance.

There are various types of concave shapes being promoted in the market. This innovation aims to improve the rider’s experience when it comes to turning, drifting, and sliding. It is said that the concave type gives a better footing compared to the conventional flat skateboard. The types of concave build are as follows:

Radial Concave

This version has a “U” shape formation that is very popular in mainstream skateboards. This shape offers a good foot grip support on every style of skateboarding. Its versatility is the reason why it is the most common variant being used.

Progressive Concave

Compared to the radial concave shape, this type has a steep wall on the rail that is blended with a wide base. This upgrade gives a stronger sense of secured lock-in and footing once the rider is on top of the deck.


For riders who prefer to keep their feet flat when performing sudden energy shifts, this is the better option. It is a bit similar to the radial concave but a tub features a very sharp angle along the deck’s rails.


This version takes another form of the curve compared to the two previously presented. As the name implies it takes the form of the letter “W” meaning there is an additional curve on the center of the deck. This kind of set-up allows the rider to shift energy from the heel towards the toe. This motion can lead to increased responsiveness, precision, and briskness to the skaters using it.


For skateboard decks whose rails are partially risen in different angles, this type of concave is being applied. This type of shape gives the skater more power on its heel instead of the toe.

Aside from the popular concave shape that has multiple versions, there are also other shapes available to be used. As said before, it depends on the preference of the skater, that is why a wide range of options are being presented:


This shape is the direct opposite of concave. The board has a shape that arches upward. This type of deck is not suitable for beginners. Like longboards, this is designed for professional skaters who participate in downhill races and rides.


As the name implies it has no angle shape. This version is quite rare and few makers offer this. It can be seen in longboards and can suit riders that want more space for their feet. It is also suitable for performing tricks using lengthy decks.


Skateboarding is a fun-filled activity that can be performed anywhere and anytime. It is also the type of sport that gives equal opportunities to all gender groups to showcase their talents. Age is also not a matter in it, as long as you are healthy and keep your balance, skateboarding will always be a great outdoor pastime to be enjoyed with family and friends. That is why it is best to choose the most fitting one for yourself since skateboarding is a way to make good memories.

The important points in choosing your deck should be, based on height and experience of the sport, choose the correct length, width, and wheelbase. This is important to keep you steady once you find your center of gravity. To secure the position of your foot choose the proper railing, width, and angle of your deck. This is also the same in considering what you want to do. Remember, the board you choose must be adept at the activities you want to accomplish.

And last, choose a deck that represents your individuality. Skateboarding aside from showcasing skills is also associated with style. That is why make sure to put in an effort of fashion sense when choosing your board. Because like clothes, people will have an initial impression of you once they see the board you are carrying. That is why it is best to make a statement before the action starts.

FAQ corner:

1. What is the best skateboard deck option for people with small feet?

To maintain a good balance a the skater’s size must be balanced with the board. The narrower width in the range of 7.25 inches is necessary for individuals with small feet.

2. What is the best skateboard deck size for people with big feet?

When starting up, shortboards are advisable but take note of the size of the width. People who have big feet should at least have 7.75 inches of board width.

3. What types of tricks can be performed using shortboards?

There are a variety of tricks that can be done, the list includes, ollie, nose ollie, kickflips, shuvit, front side 180, backside 180, and power sliding.

4. Why are longboards difficult to use in doing tricks?

Longboards are quite heavy and difficult to lift which is why it is hard to perform tricks using them. However, they are more stable and if you prefer doing long rides, this is more appropriate.

5. Is it better to buy a deck or a complete assembled skateboard?

Purchasing a deck and assembling it gives your skateboard a more personal touch. However, if you are not confident of your assembly skills getting a complete set is also not bad. Remember your safety is a priority, so make sure whatever method you choose the parts that will be installed must be placed well.

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