6 Best Skateboards for Old Guys

6 Best Skateboards for Old Guys

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Magneto SUV Skateboard

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Pro Complete Standard Skateboard by Braille

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Seething 42 Inch Longboard Skateboard

Old guys riding skateboards have become more common in recent years with famous people such as Steve Caballero and Bob Burnquist owning their own skateboards.

Skateboarding is no longer just for young people, there are older people taking up the sport just for fun.

If you are an older person who is thinking of this sport, it’s good to know that there are also boards that are specifically designed for you. If you want to know which boards are best for old guys, stick around and read the entire article.

What can you Gain from Skateboarding?

Skateboarding is a fun pastime that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. With this sport, you need to learn how to control your body so you don’t fall over. This makes it a good form of exercise. If you want to be able to get out of your comfort zone, skateboarding is one way to do so.

Helps You Stay Strong

Skateboards for old guys are an excellent way of staying young forever. It will help you stay strong, agile, and playful as you age. Skateboarding has been proven to increase blood flow to the brain, keeps your body in shape, and increases your bone density. It allows you to be creative, meet new people and just release some stress.

Skateboarding is a lot of Fun

Skateboarding is an exciting sport. It provides the opportunity to experience everything from thrills, spills, and triumphs. Skateboarding is about being in motion on wheels. Moving forward, uphill, downhill, over obstacles-skateboarders are always moving.

Ordinary and famous old guys skateboarding include Steve Caballero. Steve Caballero is a legend in the skateboarding world and has been for nearly four decades. He’s still doing what he does best: inventing new tricks on his skateboard.

The second one is Bob Burnquist. Skateboarder Bob Burnquist is famous for winning the Vert competition in 2001 and getting the highest score in the history of the event.

Best Old Guy Skateboards Reviews

Are you searching for the best old guy skaters?  If so, then this is the right section for you to do so.
I will take a look at why they’re good for your age, how they help you not fall, and what other perks these decks have to offer.

Magneto SUV Skateboard

Main Features

  • It is designed for all users; kids, teenagers, elderly
  • It measures 31″ length and 8.5” width
  • Brand is Magneto
  • Material is Maple deck
  • Wheels material is Urethane and their hardness is 78A
  • Wheel Size is 60 Millimeters
Best gift

If your parents love skateboarding, this is going to be the best gift ever. It’s so easy to use & super comfortable for beginners. It comes fully assembled and ready to ride out of the box.

It is Versatile

This is the perfect skateboard for cruising down hills, skateboarding on the street, park, etc. The deck is made up of seven plies of Canadian maple, adding to its strength and durability. It is a true cruiser that will be able to stand up to years of abuse.

Has a Standard Size

The feature that I love most about this skateboard is its size. The standard size of 31-inch length and 8 width makes it a good option for most people especially the elderly since it is not too big and not too small.

Pro Complete Standard Skateboard by Braille

Braille makes skateboarding fun and easy with their Pro Complete Standard Skateboard which is for everyone, regardless of age or skill level. It comes fully assembled.

Main Features

  • Brand is Braille Skateboarding
  • Wheels’ durometer Hardness is 99a
  • Deck width is 7.77 Inches and length 31.5 Inches
  • It is made of wood- 7 Ply Canadian hard Maple wood
  • Wheel material is Polyurethane
  • It weighs 6 pounds
  • Wheel size is 54 Millimeters
Comes with Great Features

This complete skateboard is built with a 7 ply hardwood maple deck for durability. Wheels are made of slip-resistant polyurethane that provides superior grip and turns.

The durable aluminum trucks ensure your board will last for years of fun on all terrains. Braille skateboards are rigorously tested before leaving the factory so you the rider can rest be assured that he or she will be safe when skateboarding.

It is Lightweight

When testing this product, I realized that I can do advanced tricks with it. The lightweight construction makes this deck fast and easy to spin, while its shape keeps your feet locked in.

Seething 42 Inch Longboard Skateboard

If you’re looking for a quality longboard that will last, look no further than this seething 42-inch longboard skateboard complete. This is a great board for cruising, turning, and carving and it’s even downhill ready and can handle hills and cracks.

It is designed to make riding comfortable making it ideal for old people.

Main Features

  • Brand is Seething
  • Deck Width is 10 inches while the length is 42 inches
  • Wheel size is 70 Millimeters and is made of Polyurethane
  • It is made of wood- Canadian maple.
It is Durable

The maple construction makes the board more stable. With 7 layers of Canadian maple, the deck is very durable.

And with its thickness of 7 mm, it can bear more weight than conventional skateboards. The deck also features a notched design on the nose and tail, allowing for greater ollie power and stability when you send it flying on some slick downhill grade.

Penny Australia, 27 Inch Blackout Board, The Original Plastic Skateboard

No matter what your skill levels are or how much riding experience you have, Penny Complete Skateboards are suitable for everyone, including the elderly. It is easy to use and not too heavy so it’s perfect if you want to practice your first few tricks.

Main Features

  • Brand is Penny Australia
  • Deck Length is 27 inches
  • Wheel Size is 59 Millimeters
  • It is made of plastic but wheels are made of Polyurethane
About Penny Australia

What started as a small independent Australian skateboard company, has grown into an internationally recognized brand that is pushing skateboarding to new heights.

It has an amazing team of talented riders and skaters, led by founder Dan Tagliaferro who has built his company on innovation, support of skateboarding culture, and manufacturing high-quality boards at affordable prices.

Comes Fully Assembled

The first PVC plastic skateboard was made in the ’70s, and since then it has undergone many changes to become what it is today.

The 27 Inch Blackout board from Penny Australia is a great example of a modern-day board. The company has changed the material from wood to stronger plastic to make it more durable.

Swell Skateboards | 22 & 28 Inch Plastic Mini Cruiser

Have you seen the latest Swell skateboards? The company added 22 inch and 28-inch plastic mini cruisers for the elderly, teens, and kids.

The plastic cruiser skateboards are one of the most popular models that are fun to ride on the street, on a bike path, at the skate park or anywhere else you can think of. Just pick your favorite color and get ready for some serious fun.

Built around the Save the Swell Fellowship, an innovative program aiming to promote oceanic awareness and environmental responsibility through the art of surfing.

Main Features

  • It is designed for old people, kids, and teens
  • Brand is Swell Skateboards
  • It is made of Aluminum and plastic
  • Wheels are made of Alloy Steel
  • Deck Width is 5.75 Inches and length is 22 Inches
Has Large Wheels

This is a skateboard for old guys. Its wide wheelbase makes it easy to learn. The wider wheelbase also allows the rider to have more control over rugged surfaces such as brick and concrete.

It has a smooth ride and soft wheels, so cruising on this board is comfortable. Its lightweight construction makes it easy to carry with you for hours of riding fun.

And most importantly, the cruiser allows for better leg clearance when making sharp turns at high speeds, which is important for safety and practicality purposes.

FlyBee&SKOCHO Complete-Standard Cruiser-Skateboards

This is a simple skateboard for everyone. An old guy skateboarding on it will love it since it is made of high-quality maple wood and Aluminum to handle immense pressure.

Main Features

  • It measures 28 inches’ length x8 inches width
  • Brand is FlyBee Boards
  • It is made of Aluminum, Maple
  • Wheels are made of Polyurethane
It is Sturdy

After using FlyBee&SKOCHO Complete-Standard Cruiser-Skateboards for a while, I have found it to be sturdy yet fashionable at the same time. It is made of 7 layers of maple wood to ensure firmness.

This is a complete skateboard, ready to ride right out of the box and all parts are assembled by professional and experienced skaters. It is also packaged with detailed instructions that are easy to follow.

It makes for a Great Gift

Here’s the most complete beginner’s skateboard you can get for your parents or elderly relatives. It offers a friendly price as well as a simple structure that anyone can use for a long time without any problems.

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