12 Health Benefits of Skateboarding

12 Health Benefits of Skateboarding

What Are The Health Benefits of Skateboarding?

Skateboarding is an excellent way to get your mind off a tough week or a stressful day. The sport involves balancing yourself on top of moving wheels. This means that you need strong bones and muscles to stay safe. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t enjoy the sport.

In fact, there are many benefits of skateboarding. If you’re looking forward to learning new tricks, then start practicing today.

Skateboarding can help you lose weight and improve your overall fitness level.

Here are the leading reasons why skateboarding is good for you and why you should make it a routine.

1. Exercises Your Mind and Body

The best thing about skating is that it helps keep your brain active. There are so many things going on in front of you. Hence, you have to think fast when you’re on skates. This keeps your mind sharp throughout the day. In addition, this type of exercise improves concentration skills.

Skating involves using both hands and feet simultaneously. This helps in developing coordination skills.

Also, when you ride a skateboard, you use all parts of your body. Thus, skating improves overall body coordination.

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2. Keeps You Fit

When you start doing skateboard exercises, you become more fit within a few weeks. If you want to stay healthy, skateboarding is amongst the best activities to do daily.

Skateboarding allows you to engage your muscles, especially those of your lower body. The sport’s activities make sure that you burn calories.

However, if you are skateboarding with the sole purpose of calorie-burning, this may not be the best sport. If so, consider supplementing it with biking, which allows you to burn the most calories by any sport, if dedicated.

When you spend hours every day doing exercises, you build muscles and burn calories.

Moreover, if you play regularly, you minimize the chances of developing unhealthy habits such as smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol.

3. Helps Lose Weight

When you begin skateboarding, you may not realize that you end up losing weight. However, if you continue with this activity regularly, expect to see results.

One reason behind this is that skateboarding requires lots of energy. Therefore, you should eat enough food to fuel yourself during such intense sessions.

That said, skateboarding allows you to lose up to about a pound each week. If you combine it with other cardio exercises, it can help you on your weight loss journey.

4. Builds Strength and Balance

As you try different tricks or even do simple beginner stuff, your muscles harden in the process. According to Prof. Michele Olson, skateboarding is a highly vigorous exercise, allowing you to lose ten calories every minute, on average.

You can build arm muscles quickly through regular practice. Moreover, you can develop leg muscles too. When you complete your workout session, you feel energized and ready to take on anything.

While riding a skateboard, you have to maintain perfect balance while moving forward and backward. So, by practicing this skill, you’ll learn how to control your body movements better than before.

Skating helps you sharpen your hand-eye coordination because you constantly have to look where you want to place your feet.

In addition, you have to keep track of obstacles such as ramps, rails, and more. The more often you perform tricks, the faster you get used to looking ahead and reacting quickly.

5. Boosts Self-Confidence

Skateboarding is an excellent sport for people with social anxiety. One of skateboarding’s main advantages is it gives you a confidence boost.

When you first start learning how to skateboard, you may feel insecure because you don’t know what you’re supposed to do next. But after practicing for some time, you gain enough experience, which will make you confident. Over time, you end up completing many stunts with ease.

Sure, skateboarding isn’t easy. But once you master the basics, you are likely to meet new friends along the way. These people share similar interests with yours, and they would love to hang out together. They could even invite you over to their house to watch movies or play video games.

There are many social groups where you can join and interact with other skaters. These groups provide opportunities to share ideas and experiences. They encourage members to participate actively in group discussions.

Learning how to skateboard teaches you some valuable social skills. First of all, you need to work together with others.

Secondly, you should respect rules set by coaches or instructors. Lastly, you should avoid hurting anyone else during training sessions. These three points help you improve your communication skills and make sure you don’t cause any harm to others.

6. Increases Flexibility

Flexible joints allow us to move our bodies freely without getting hurt. For example, we use them to bend over and pick objects from the floor. Similarly, skateboards can flex smoothly. 

By improving your flexibility, you can avoid injuries caused due to poor posture. Also, you can perform different tricks easily as well.

If your body is flexible, you can use it to your advantage when performing tricks. You can also adjust your position according to the terrain. This allows you to land safely on uneven surfaces.

7. Promotes Cardiovascular Fitness

Cardio fitness refers to exercising for long periods. These include things like running, cycling, swimming, rowing, walking, hiking, dancing, and more. All these activities help improve cardiovascular health.

As mentioned earlier, skateboarding also counts as cardio exercise. Hence, it promotes good heart health. The sport enables the heart to pump blood better in vessels that may have tiny fat deposits. In effect, it helps lower the chances of diseases like heart attacks.

8. Reduces Stress Levels

Stress levels reduce significantly when you engage in physical activities like skateboarding. While enjoying the sport, you have to concentrate on maintaining your balance as you attempt various moves. Your mind becomes calmer and relaxed. The more you do it, the less stressed you get.

Did you know reduced stress levels lower the risk of depression? So, if you want to enjoy life fully, then try out this fun activity. You’ll be surprised at how much happier you become.

Skateboarding is a calming activity, and like other exercises, it encourages better sleeping patterns. And when you sleep soundly, you wake up feeling refreshed. This makes you ready to face another day’s challenges.

9. Improves Motor Control

Balance and motor control refer to maintaining one’s center of gravity within their base of support. A person needs perfect balance and motor control to execute various stunts successfully.

For instance, jumping off ramps requires excellent balance and motor control. Similarly, riding downhill requires proper balance and motor control. When you learn to balance on two-wheelers, you develop a better sense of balance and motor control.

Without good balance, you won’t be able to land safely. Likewise, if you lack motor control, you might fall while doing stunts. So, by improving your balance and motor control, you’ll be able to accomplish all sorts of cool stuff.

10. Provides Mental Stimulation

If you’ve ever played video games, you noticed that they provide mental stimulation, right? Playing sports requires concentration and focus on what’s happening around you. Therefore, it keeps your mind active and sharpens your brainpower.

Skating is an excellent way to learn new skills faster. It allows you to practice something repeatedly until you master it. In effect, it makes learning more straightforward than other methods such as reading books or watching videos.

Also, skating provides instant feedback, which lets you know whether you’re performing correctly or not. If you fail at anything, you immediately realize where you went wrong. Hence, this makes you aware and encourages you to try harder next time.

11. Boosts Self Esteem

You may not believe it now, but once you begin skating, you’ll notice an immediate change in your attitude towards life. You are likely to stop complaining about problems at home and school if you do.

Instead, you’ll try to overcome them. Also, you’ll take pride in being part of a community of skilled athletes. This will boost self-esteem and give you confidence.

12. Increases Pain Tolerance

 Skateboarding is a vital sport in pain endurance. As you engage in the sport, you become capable of enduring more significant amounts of discomfort than before. It allows you to push yourself further than usual.

In the beginning, falling and scratching or hurting yourself is pretty typical. But considering the passion, most have, they are willing to overlook these injuries. This makes them stronger physically.


So there you go! Twelve reasons why skateboarding is good for your health. If you’re looking forward to getting into this sport, it’s best to familiarize yourself with the best practices in skateboarding.

For example, always wear protective gear such as helmets, elbow pads, and knee pads. Always use quality equipment so that you don’t end up injuring yourself.

Also, make sure you practice safe tricks. Don’t just jump from ramp to ramp without any training. Instead, enroll in classes where you can improve your skills. Finally, never forget to enjoy the sport because after all, it should be fun.

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